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Well water desalination plant with a production capacity of 50 thousand liters per day

47.000,00 ر.س Price includes tax

Installation of a well water desalination plant

Foundation specializes Nqaa Salsabil in installing home water filters, central water desalination plants, well water desalination plant, and installation Desalination of well water for farms, rest houses, villas, and palaces. Installation of central desalination plants for water factories. In order for the various devices to desalinate drinking water, the water must go through a number of stages in order to get rid of its salinity and dirt present in it. Among these stages are the following

Well water treatment and water desalination Well water desalination plant

Primary water treatment: Here, the desalination plant gets rid of water for farms, rest houses, and villas, so the desalination plants desalinate the water from the dirt stuck in it and the dirt that was transported with it. The station also withdraws bacteria, This is done by injecting some harmless chemicals.  

Water desalination (membrane) well water desalination plant

At this stage, the water inside the station passes through a series of membranes. Which works to distill it and extract the various salts present in it, This ensures that those who drink it will not be poisoned by the water or infected with harmful viruses. Final water treatment: Finally, the desalination plant adds a group of materials to the water, This is to convert it into water suitable for drinking and human use in general. It adds some salts that make the water taste acceptable, along with some other substances.   Well water desalination plant with a production capacity of 12 thousand cubic meters per day Well water desalination plant with a production capacity of 12 thousand cubic meters per day

Central water desalination plant, 12 thousand liters per day

25.300,00 ر.س Price includes tax
Central desalination plant, water purification by reverse osmosis
We supply and install central stations and water desalination for sale Central water desalination plants were designed and manufactured and equipped with reverse osmosis treatment technology. It produces clear, pure water and removes solid salts and 99 percent of microbes, particles, micro-bacteria, and organic materials. Which makes it safe to use for drinking in homes, industrial and commercial sectors, and other uses. Beside that, Desalination systems are characterized by simple installation, easy operation, and do not cause any pollution during the water purification process, which makes RO reverse osmosis system and technology the best ideal choice for producing pure drinking water. in addition to, Customized water filtration systems are available as primary or secondary to ensure different customer demands are met. Also ensuring that customers' budget and water type are met. In addition, The company also provides an automatic water bottling line and provides a time- and money-saving pure water production system Main components of a central water desalination plant Primary treatment system: This system works to ensure the quality of feed water by reducing the rate of pollution in untreated water and the rate of residual chlorine and other impurities. This system also includes a raw water pump, dosing tool, quartz sand filter, carbon filter, and taper filter. RO (Reverse Osmosis) Unit: This unit ensures that the feed water is safe to drink after removing impurities and bacteria from it. This unit includes a high-pressure pump, a membrane and a membrane housing Posttreatment system: This system performs more filtration operations than those done by the RO system. This system consists of cloud filtration layers, solar layers, mixed layers, disinfection, microfiltration (membrane filtration), ion exchange process, etc. in desalination plants. Rinsing system: This system restores the RO system through rinsing if the system is contaminated. This system consists of a rinsing tank, pump and fine filter

Central water desalination plant, 6 cubic meters per day

19.000,00 ر.س
Advantages of a central water desalination plant
-Taiwanese made -American membrane -Water desalination with a production capacity of 6 cubic meters per day. It is manufactured using high-quality European-made equipment and is assembled in the city of Riyadh As well as direct supervision by experienced engineers to implement such works All necessary spare parts for the station are available, as well as consumables, filters and chemicals We would also like to inform you that our company has extensive experience in designing Installing and operating such stations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Government, our company has installed many stations in many facilities And private companies.