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Water level monitoring device in the tank

899,00 ر.س Price includes tax

Device description

It is a smart system that enables you to monitor the water level in the tank with ease via a mobile application. The water level monitoring device in the tank is installed on all types of tanks, whether they are ground or overhead tanks.  

Device features

  1. Monitor the tank water level with ease.
  2. Alert when the tank water level drops.
  3. The possibility of ordering a water tank from companies linked to the application.
  4. Warning when the buoy malfunctions.
  5. An internet SIM card connected to the device for free.

device specifications

  • Operating voltage: 110 - 240 volts
  • the current : To 2 amps
  • Reading range: Up to 5 metres
  • Contact method: Cellular data
  • Length of the wire : 8 metres
  • Reading accuracy: +- 1

High pressure water saving hand held shower head with hand held turbo fan, With pause button, 360 degree rotation

135,00 ر.س Price includes tax

Description: Hand held shower head:

The shower head with filter is made of excellent ABS material for long-term use, exclusively at Naqa Al-Salsabil. This shower head with on/off switch is designed with the latest water and pressure saving technology, Giving you a comfortable shower experience.
Handheld Shower Head Water Saving High Pressure Turbo Fan Handheld Shower Head, with Pause Button, 360 Degree Rotation

High pressure water saving hand held shower head with hand held turbo fan, With pause button, 360 degree rotation

Specifications of handheld shower head: the color: blue gold; purple; silver (optional) Subject: ABS Contact size: G1/2 Delivery diameter: 2cm/0.78inch Function: Play/pause key, rotatable, Turbo fan Occasion: the bathroom , the hotel , etc. Package Size: 8 * 27.5 * 4cm / 3.14 * 10.82 * 1.57in Package Weight: 150g / 0.33lb Package List: 1 * shower head 1* Cotton filter There are two types: cotton filter or granule filter

Carbon + lime shower filter

100,00 ر.س Price includes tax


It contains a carbon filter and a lime filter whose function is to remove dissolved gases and lime and treat water from unwanted substances such as chlorine, taste, odor and colour.


Between 6 months - 1 year per filter, Depends on usage rates, It is replaced if any impurities appear in the water. Or the end of its useful life (two years maximum).