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‎Brafco luxury filings with internal filter 6 stages (long)‎ ‎Text‎

1.690,00 ر.س Price includes tax

A well-crafted desalination and refrigeration giant

‎-Braffco luxury filings with 6-stage internal filter‎ ‎-4 in 1 filings‎ ‎-6 stage filter + cold water + hot + lukewarm‎ -High efficiency compressor -Stainless steel water tank -Quick cooling -Larger storage capacity -Production capacity of 300 liters per day

Services provided after installation

-Periodic follow-up every 4 months -Checking the percentage of salts -Checking the sterilization level -Ensure that the device is disconnected and turned on automatically ‎* Two years power parts warranty +10 years free additional follow-up‎