Easy-to-install filter shower head with 3-color LED lighting

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Shower head with filter

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Filtration system Shower head with filter:

The filter shower head uses bio-active stones providing environmentally pure water filtration to remove harmful substances. It can purify shower water and adjust the pH of water, Which makes the water quality in weak alkalinity. Helps restore healthier, smoother skin, The softness and strength of your hair.

Water temperature sensor:

The shower head works with water and does not require batteries. LED lights change color with water temperature (80°F; 80-140°F blue; 100-122°F red)

High-pressure and water-saving design:

Revolutionary micro-nozzle technology makes port openings smaller and denser, Which increases the speed of water flow, Thus increasing water pressure. At the same time it saves water up to 30%. Corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant surface coating. Detachable for easy cleaning.

Use of environmentally friendly acrylonitrile butadiene styrene material:

With transparent and transparent design and removable high-density filter for easy cleaning, It is recommended to buy two and replace using, Suitable for men, women, children and pets.

Shower head with easy-to-install filter:

This compact, durable, easy-to-assemble, universal-fit shower head is designed to be easy to use for homeowners, carpenters and handymen.




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