Carbon + lime shower filter

100,00 ر.س Price includes tax


It contains a carbon filter and a lime filter whose function is to remove dissolved gases and lime and treat water from unwanted substances such as chlorine, taste, odor and colour.


Between 6 months – 1 year per filter, Depends on usage rates, It is replaced if any impurities appear in the water. Or the end of its useful life (two years maximum).




The best shower filter from Salsabil purity of water filters effectively removes up to 99% of chlorine, dust, dirt, lead, iron oxides, hydrogen sulfide odor and resists bacterial growth. For healthier skin and hair, This shower filter removes nitrites (and unhealthy chlorine) that cause skin irritation and hair problems.

How to use

Its use is easy and simple once you install the filter. All shower water or bath water will be filtered.


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