Modern closed table top, Pure Tape Al Aseel

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Features of Purina Al Aseel refrigerator

A modern tabletop refrigerator closed from the inside, Pure Tab Al Aseel, from Naqaa Al Salsabil. The refrigerator is connected directly to the filter. Saves electricity, time and effort spent on filling and purchasing bottles. It includes 3 faucets from which you get cold, hot, and lukewarm water according to your need. It is connected directly to the water filter and is completely closed, saving you the trouble of running.

Product industry:

The product is made in China

Product Warranty:

Two-year warranty

Product accessories:

  • 1/2″ and 1/4″ pipe connectors and adapters.
  • Mine is white
  • Educational catalogue.



product specification :

  • Table refrigerator that is connected directly to the filter
  • Number of cold taps: 3
  • Purerena brand


  • Product color is white – gray – black

Product dimensions

Height : 48cm

Depth: 34cm

the offer : 31.5 cm

  • Cold tank capacity 3.2L/H (5-10℃)
  • Hot tank capacity 1L/H (85-95℃)
  • Durable lukewarm tank capacity
  • Voltage 220v,50/60Hz
  • Product weight 12KG
  • Heating power 420W
  • Cooling power 90W


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