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Food waste disposer 370 watts

899,00 ر.س Price includes tax

Specifications of food waste disposal device

Height : 41.8 cm

the Width: 23.5 cm

Ability : 370 watts

Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz

Effort : 220 volts

Device power: 4/3 HP 1/1 HP

Rotational Speed ​​: 2600 RPM

Electricity consumption: 0.25 kW

Two-year warranty



This is our new food waste disposer,

It is an essential kitchen appliance for modern families. Saves you

This 4/3 HP 1/1 HP motor is a quiet and powerful performer. Is characterized by

With a motor that rotates at 2600 rpm for efficient grinding, She is

Food waste is cut into small pieces to be passed from

During plumbing our waste disposal unit is made

Made of high quality ABS (steel) engineering plastic

Engine sound is low.

This device is a great way to maintain the kitchen

From the smell of old garbage

How to operate a food waste disposal device

1- Remove the sink connections

2- Turn on medium or very cold water

Make water flow into the food waste disposer.

3- Press the waste disposal device’s start button

5- Allow the water to continue to flow while removing

Food waste disposal device.

5- Allow the water to continue to flow while removing

Sauté until all food remains are drained.

6- Allow the waste disposal to recycle

For an additional ten seconds, let the water continue to flow

Cleaning device sewer line.

7- Turn off the power to the device as well as the water.


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