Tabletop refrigerator with a luxury desalination system with RO system

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A well-crafted desalination and refrigeration giant

Table refrigerator with internal RO desalination system
-برادة 4 في 1
-4 in 1 refrigerator
-High efficiency compressor
-Stainless steel water tank
-Quick cooling
-Larger storage capacity
-Production capacity of 300 liters per day

Services provided after installation

-Periodic follow-up every 4 months
-Checking the percentage of salts
-Checking the sterilization level
-Ensure that the device is disconnected and turned on automatically
* Two years warranty on electrical parts + 5 years of free additional follow-up



Stages of table filing with RO desalination system of Nqaa Salsabil

Learn about the stages of the distinctive table cooler with a desalination system from the Naqaa Al-Salsabil Water Desalination Company

-First stage (cotton filter)
Premium polypropylene filters down to 5 microns
It works to remove impurities, deposits, dust and pollution from the water
-Second stage (granular carbon filter):
Made of thermally activated carbon, its function is to remove harmful gases and treat water from unwanted substances such as chlorine, taste and odor
-Third stage (hard carbon filter)
Made of carbon steel with 1 micron pores, its function is to remove the smallest impurities before the water enters the salt separation stage
-Fourth stage (salt membrane filter)
Reverse osmosis (RO) unit is a unit known as an organic membrane with fine pores
And as narrow as 0.00001 microns and depends on the property of osmosis, muscle salts, organic,
Starting from 96% mechanical ejection rate
Refrigerator with Nqaa salsabil desalination system

A refrigerator with a desalination system, a tabletop refrigerator, a refrigerator with filters


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