Water Pro desalination device with nano-silver technology supported by a Snowlite valve device to protect the device from any malfunctions, even with misuse.

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 Features of the 7-stage Vietnamese water filter of Nqaa Salsabil 

1. Production capacity of up to 400 liters of desalinated water per day.

2. A powerful pump to speed up the water desalination process in the shortest time

3. Seventh stage alkaline filter (PH)

4. Fiber-class tank with a larger storage capacity of 18.75 liters, ready for direct use

Services provided after installation

-Periodic follow-up every 4 months
-Checking the percentage of salts
-Checking the sterilization level
-Ensure that the device is disconnected and turned on automatically
* Two years warranty including electrical parts + 10 years free additional follow-up

Specifications of Purina Al Aseel Luxury Refrigerator:

  • Product color is black – gray – gold
  • Table refrigerator that is connected directly to the filter
  • Number of cold taps: 3
  • Product size: 555*325*505 mm
  • Cold tank capacity 3.2L/H (5-10℃)
  • Hot tank capacity 1L/H (85-95℃)
  • Durable lukewarm tank capacity
  • Voltage 220v,50/60Hz
  • Product weight 12KG
  • Heating power 420W
  • Cooling power 90W



Features of a 7-stage Vietnamese water filter with a refrigerator

Learn about the 7-stage Vietnamese water filter, the best water filter with the original Purina cooler, from the Nqaa Salsabil

-First stage (cotton filter)
Premium polypropylene filters down to 0.0001 micron
It works to remove impurities, deposits, dust and pollution from the water

-Second stage (granular carbon filter):
Made of thermally activated carbon, its function is to remove gases and treat water from unwanted substances such as chlorine, taste and odor

-Third stage (hard carbon filter)
Made of carbon steel with 1 micron pores, its function is to remove the smallest impurities before the water enters the salt separation stage

-Fourth stage (salt membrane filter)
The reverse osmosis unit (RO), which is a unit known as an organic membrane, has fine and narrow pores of up to 0.00001 microns and depends on the property of osmosis. muscle salts, organic,
Starting from 96% mechanical ejection rate

-Fifth stage (post carbon filter)
A carbon filter made of coconut adjusts the acidity and removes any unpleasant odor or taste after watering the tank.

-The sixth stage

A group of volcanic rocks and volcanic silt reduces the surface tension of water and helps prevent bacteria and algae from multiplying in the water. It contains a calcite unit that supplies the water with the natural salts that the body needs.

-The seventh stage (nano silver technology)

Filter contains nano-silver technology

Product Industry:

-Vietnamese electrical parts manufacturer

-Membrane Desalination Processing Unit, American

Device accessories:

-Free cooler bottle
– Tank made of fiberglass with a capacity of 18.75 litres
-1/4 inch faucet made of chrome
– Chrome pipe connections and adapters
-Hose size 10 inches
-Water inlet valve
-Tank valve
-Filter key

-Educational catalogue

Features of the Vietnamese 7-stage water filter with Pure Tap refrigerator

Pure Tap tabletop refrigerator, 7-stage water filter, Pure Vietnamese, luxury model. The refrigerator is connected directly to the desalination filter. The Pure Tap refrigerator is characterized by saving energy, time, and effort spent on filling and purchasing bottles. It includes 3 taps from which you get cold, hot, and normal water according to your need.



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